Saturday, March 03, 2007

Saturday Night Musings

I've been thinking about the fact that I haven't consistently posted on this blog in months. Last time I saw Adrienne, she shamed me into considering my failure to keep up. Today, I discovered Bill Chaney's blog, Making Disciples in an Emerging Church. I found this post, which argued that blogging was a valuable tool for church growth. Once got me thinking.

I find myself keeping very busy 'doing' church, maintaining and repairing church structures, and trying to get to know my congregations after spending last fall when I tried to be a full-time pastor and also finish my last two seminary classes. I can't seem to find time to do a number of things I believe could begin to reach the world around me with the Gospel, because I spend a great deal of time trying to solve structural problems in church life that keep us from effectively ministering to the world around us.

We haven't made much progress, but I believe revitalization is possible. Both churches I serve can grow and can become dynamic centers of disciple-making in their communities, and I think that at least some folks in both places want their church to grow and serve their communities in new ways. I think that there are impediments to overcome, but increasingly, my personal prayer-time, my conversation with trusted colleagues, and my conversation with folks at both churches have led me to believe that any impediments that might exist to disciple-making, growth, and service can be overcome by God's grace and work in the community.

I think I'll do my part by trying to find time to blog a bit more often, and by helping envision what both of these churches might look like as we continue to grow into Christian communities that can minister in the name of Jesus to a 21st century world.