Wednesday, September 12, 2007

September has come... and the boy's fun...


I'm back from Paternity Leave, and glad to be getting back into a routine with the folks at my two churches.

My son is well, and my wife is doing alright. She's had a hard transition back to her church, with a number of roadblocks beyond her control in the process. It's been tough at times, but we're getting through this and focusing on the task of planning a major revival/music festival/day of intentional outreach and evangelism in its first (and hopefully not final) iteration.

Our son learned to roll over some time ago, but just over a week ago he decided that after he first stirred at night, he'd prefer to sleep on his front. I must say, he is cuteness personified! He's starting to play with things he can grab (and to grab anything that comes close to him), but he's just as happy to manipulate his world with his feet (I recognize "manipulate" is a rather ironic word choice, coming from the Latin mano for "hand").

Well, I have a Bible Study to lead in an hour, and I need to get ready. Off we go!