Saturday, October 29, 2005

I guess the carrots are off until next week...

While flossing last night, a piece of a new filling came out onto my tongue. No, I wasn't impressed! I have a pretty good dentist, but apparently the "contact" with the neighboring tooth was so close that the filling came with the floss, like so much plaque and food refuse. So today, I have a hole in my tooth that's slightly cold sensitive.

I'm writing a sermon today -- don't do it every week right now, it's an occasional part of my current job (5th Sunday of the month and when needed), and it's harder to do well when you don't do it all the time (in my limited experience). Anyway, I'll tackle this issue too, as God gives me grace to do it -- but first, I think it's time to see if this thing's heat sensitive... I need coffee.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry your tooth has a hole. Just lay off the crunchy stuff for a while and you should be fine. And coffee is worth whatever discomfort you may experience (like I had to tell you that).

I asked Andy about SEP, and he laughed and said he didn't know, but would send out an email to gauge interest.

I leave for Hawaii tomorrow. This is good. I get picked up at 5:15am. This is not good, nay evil. Halloween's last trick before I leave, I suppose...