Monday, January 16, 2006

The Guilt of Failed Writing

Over the past months, I have attempted to read other bloggers posts daily, and to write at least two posts each week myself. Recently, I haven't kept up with that schedule. I enjoy blogging, especially when I have particular ideas I want to refine, but I've been overwhelmingly busy with youth work trying to prepare for the spring, and I'm beginning a quarter of CPE while taking several classes and working this spring. All told, I fear I might not post frequently.

Two weeks ago, a friend of mine asked for my input on a post she had written on her blog. Check if you want, but my comment never appeared. I started it -- I really did. In fact, it's still a text file on my computer's desktop. Life just got crazy, and a good thing never materialized.

The fact is, I've felt kind of guilty about it. Adrienne's post was about Christian pacifism, and I feel strongly about the issue (as I've said on this very blog), but beyond personal interest, Adrienne was the person who both inspired me to blog, and encouraged me to get started. Yeah, Chris contributed too, but it was mostly Adrienne.

Maybe it'll appear as a full-fleged post here -- since Adrienne has moved on from the issue and continued to post about other interesting topics. Maybe not, but either way, thanks dear readers for bearing with me as I unburdened myself of the guilt of failed writing.


Anonymous said...

God bless

gavin richardson said...

take your time. we all have the busy times, i too and going through the busy ym scheduling of spring/summer. it's hectic, but use this as an outlet or invitation for others into your life.. sometimes it's the only thing we know.

ps: will look forward to pacifism thoughts, i've had quite the struggle with that these past two years

Anonymous said...

I have your birthday present (finally). How should I get it to you?

Anonymous said...

Oh, that (and this) was from Chris, if you didn't figure that out. Sorry.