Wednesday, July 20, 2005

More Gardening

Nothing too profound here. I dug out the area between three beds at right angles, trying to make more room for vegetables, and I'll be doing some more digging later today. This growing season in New England has been exceptional -- in other words, everything has survived, and all the plants are producing! Yes, I'm excited, but the fact that everything is thriving has endangered the harvest (paradoxically), because if I don't thin what's there it'll grow together, risking rot and making harvesting the vegetables nearly impossible.

How could I have known it would ALL produce? Anyway, I'll be back to the garden later today -- it'll be a good change of pace from job interviews and candidacy work. Nothing like slow, backbreaking labor in good clean soil to cleanse the mind of other distractions!

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Rick Grazzini said...

Glad to find another Methodist gardener out there. And you're in the Northeast. Even better.

I've often thought that I feel closest to God when I am in the garden. Quiet. Methodical. Time for meditation and prayer. Physical connection with His Creation.

Yes, and then there's the bugs and the sweat. I'm sure there's spiritual value in those, too.